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Shipping Captain Jack
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The Omnisexual Adventures of Captain Jack

For lovers of Captain Jack Harkness, from the new series of Doctor Who, and a place to ship him with, well, anything really, and discuss his relationships with the Doctor, Rose and anyone else he may encounter in his wanderings.

This means slash and het, for both are smashing and good. Gen is also more than welcome if Jack is featured. Also good are Squeeage, Iconage and general Jack commentary and discussion, or news about John Barrowman.

Any info or discussion of the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood starring John Barrowman as Captain Jack is positively encouraged, but please put any spoilers behind a cut.

Fics, especially long ones, should be placed behind an LJ cut, and have a rating attached. If you don't know how to cut, go here.

If there are any spoilers for future storylines in your fic, there should be a warning.

The Moderator of this comm is RPF/RPS friendly, but in considering that this is a community dedicated to Captain Jack and not the lovely Mister Barrowman, we will continue to focus as such. There are other places around El Jay that cater to that specific niche of fandom who would be happy to have the traffic. That being said, the Moderator is always open to discussion on this topic and is willing to change her mind in the future if there is interest.


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This comm is moderated and maintained by crediniaeth. She has been known to spontaneous spaz out at any mention of a certain Time Agent. The combination of Time Agents and Time Lords wearing pinstriped suits causes an even stronger effect. Besides these two anomalies, she's quite normal and level-headed. For the most part.

Have fun, and hide the mustard.

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